We’re Hungry for Change.

Are you?

That’s me on the right.

That’s me on the right.

Hi. I’m Jennifer Friedlin. I spent more than 10 years traveling the world as a journalist, and loved every minute of it. But the times call for action. Since 2012, I have been putting my analytic thinking, writing skills, media knowledge, and breadth of experience to work for causes I care about — women’s rights, human rights, conflict mitigation, social, racial, and educational justice, and poverty alleviation.

Now, I spend most of my time at my computer in Brooklyn, creating marketing strategies, messages, and content for clients doing great things in the world. When I can get away, you’ll find me next to my clients, on the front lines.

When a job calls for it, Hungry, a certified woman-owned business, partners with a similarly passionate group of go-to strategists, designers, and PR professionals who put heart, soul, and brains into everything they do.