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Great content timed just right can propel your mission into the mainstream.

words that get people to give

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Major donors are an organization’s greatest asset. Hungry believes that creating content specifically for these donors can enhance this special relationship, and we have some evidence to back it up. A newsletter Hungry created for Footsteps featured a select bit of news that led to a $1 million donation. Continually nurturing relationships with major donors — without overkill — is essential for organizations that rely on this revenue stream.
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In conjunction with Collective Agency, Hungry writes video scripts for Indivisible Nation. The scripts include this one against Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, which was viewed on social by more than 12,000 people. Collective Agency emerged after the 2016 election to give creatives an opportunity to make content that would motivate people to take action. Hungry is proud to partner with them.

visuals that grab attention


When the Women’s March occupied the Senate Hart Building in an act of civil disobedience against the Trump Administration’s family separation policy, Hungry Marketing suggested that protesters write “We Care” on their hands, a repudiation of Melania Trump’s “I really don’t care, do you?” jacket. With hands in the air, “We Care” became a rallying cry and visual that featured prominently in the coverage, including in The Washington Post, Reuters, and ABC News.

videos that break news

On a Wednesday evening, Integrate NYC learned that the next day Mayor Bill De Blasio would be unveiling a middle school diversity plan that included measures based on the youth-led organization’s principles for real integration. Within 24 hours, Hungry wrote an eblast and created this video to alert supporters that Integrate NYC’s principles had become policy. Hungry now advises Integrate NYC on communications and fundraising.


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When a new crop of teachers, retirees, and businesspeople decided to run for office, they needed help with messaging, content development, social media, and PR. This guide was designed to help them quickly establish a well-oiled communications operations. Our other guides include one to help the youth leaders of anti-violence group YOSOS become effective spokespeople.

content that solves problems

When Get Organized BK, a new Brooklyn-based grassroots organization, was in need of funding, Hungry created a matching campaign and collateral that brought in nearly $9,000, far exceeding the $6,000 goal.