Fruit Bliss

Fruit Bliss was selling its rehydrated dried fruits through national retailers, but was looking to establish an online presence in order to increase brand awareness. After defining Fruit Bliss' audience, Hungry built out a social media campaign and developed a cost-effective PR strategy as the company prepared to launch two new products.


  • Within six months Fruit Bliss organically increases its Twitter and Facebook following by 50%.

  • Fruit Bliss establishes an Instagram presence and sees active engagement on nearly all posts.

  • Fruit Bliss lands posts on FoodGawker and mentions on food blogs, driving increased traffic to its website.

Hungry keeps the wheels 
of our social media turning with engaging content 
that generates interest, relationships, and sales.
— Susan Leone, Founder and Owner

Red Hook Playgroup

In the wake of universal pre-K and a jump in the number of area pre-schools, Red Hook Playgroup was looking for a website that would stand out in a crowded field to help attract new families. But first they needed to figure out their message. Working with Hungry, Red Hook Playgroup defined its unique attributes, core message, and marketing strategy. Red Hook Playgroup then worked with Hungry partner Lizanne Hart Design to get a beautifully designed website that tells its story in stunning color.


Working with Hungry, Red Hook Playgroup:

  • Defines its message.

  • Receives a website that beautifully reflects its unique program attributes.

  • Gains clarity about how best to communicate with prospective families.

Hungry Marketing opened our eyes to a whole other world about how we should communicate what we do to prospective families. The process not only got us to a great message and website it helped keep costs down and raise the level of predictability in terms of timeline. The project was done on time and on budget and we got exactly what we were looking for.
— Emily Rabinowitz-Buchanan, Executive Director


Since 2012, Hungry Marketing has served as the off-site marketing department for Footsteps, an organization that helps formerly ultra-Orthodox Jews make the transition to secular life. Leveraging the organizational message of individual freedom, we created a marketing infrastructure, built a website, and developed and executed the communications plan and materials that helped Footsteps more than double its budget, reach new donors and volunteers, and recruit more members.


Working with Hungry, Footsteps:

  • Triples its budget in 3 years.

  • Regularly exceeds fundraising goals.

  • Builds the marketing infrastructure to consistently raise awareness among prospective donors and members.

  • Gets media attention from leading news outlets including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

  • Develops a website geared to donors as well as prospective participants.

  • Ensures that all internal and external communications, including grants, handbooks, and letters to the editor, reflect and reinforce Footsteps’ core messages.

Hungry Marketing offers the best of both worlds – a full-service marketing team at a price a non-profit can afford. Hungry has served as our off-site marketing department for four years, handling everything from our solicitation campaigns to the design, development, and content creation for our website overhaul. If you are trying to figure out what to do about marketing, look no further.
— Lani Santo, Executive Director