Food and Beverage

Red Rabbit Hops to the Task of Making School Lunch Tasty & Healthy

School lunch. It's the bain of many parents' existence. While the cafeteria offering is often light on nutrition, packing a healthy alternative is a drag. Seeing a gap in the market, Red Rabbit decided it could do better. Here, COO Jackie Walters talks about how the company is transforming lunch in schools across NYC.

Wild at Heart: Untamed Sandwiches Makes a Quick Lunch of Slow Food

When Andy Jacobi and Ricky King set out to open a restaurant they sought to solve a conundrum: Could they turn the taste for slow food into a quick lunch option? The answer now exists in the form of Untamed Sandwiches, which has branches in midtown and DUMBO and a third set to open this summer,. While King was busy braising, Jacoby sat down to tell Hungry how it all started and why location is everything.

Sweet Treat: Brewla Bars Puts a Spin on the Ice Pop & Gets Acquired

Brother and sister duo Daniel and Rebecca Dengrove just scored a major victory. Their company, Brewla Bars, maker of ice pops from naturally brewed ingredients, was recently acquired by Ruby’s Naturals. Here Daniel Dengrove talks about how he and his sister found their niche in a saturated market and why they decided to sell.

6 Ways to Fund Your Food + Beverage Business

Finding the right source of funding for a food and beverage business is no cake walk. Whether your small business is a startup or an established company looking to expand, securing a traditional bank loan may not be the answer.

Building a Better Jerky: SlantShack Seeks to Scale

It started with an obsession over beef jerky and a group of college buddies tinkering with recipes. Then came a write-up in New York Magazine and SlantShack Jerky went from a stand at Greenpoint Market to the grocery aisles at Whole Foods.  Hungry spoke with David Koretz, CEO, about organic growth, the importance of brand authenticity, and challenges with profitability.

An Ounce of Prevention: Intellectual Property and the Food Entrepreneur

You have been making a delicious and unique food or beverage that your friends and family love, and recently quit your day job to focus your energies on commercializing the product and bringing it to market. But have you legally protected your product?

How to Win in the Food Industry

Start-ups in the food industry, and the food tech sector in particular, have seen quite a bit of turmoil in the past year. Prominent, well-funded companies like Good Eggs, Kitchensurfing, Dinner Lab, and most recently Farmigo have either shuttered altogether or significantly scaled back their operations. As a food tech entrepreneur and advisor to other growing food companies, I have been asked this question many times: Is the food sector unwinnable?  

Midas Touch: Joe Carroll on His Secret of Restaurant Success

From Spuyten Duyvil to Fette Sau to St. Anselm to Semilla, Joe Carroll has a knack for matching concepts and spaces. Recently, Iris7 sat down with Carroll to glean some insights and find out what bold new idea he’s cooking up.