Rooftop Pioneer: Gotham Greens Takes Farming to a New Level

Sensing urbanites’ hunger for locally grown produce, Gotham Greens seized an opportunity to turn cities’ abundant rooftops into farms. Here, Co-Founder and CFO Eric Haley shares how the company got its start and landed on the shelves (and roof!) of Whole Foods Market.

Red Rabbit Hops to the Task of Making School Lunch Tasty & Healthy

School lunch. It's the bain of many parents' existence. While the cafeteria offering is often light on nutrition, packing a healthy alternative is a drag. Seeing a gap in the market, Red Rabbit decided it could do better. Here, COO Jackie Walters talks about how the company is transforming lunch in schools across NYC.

No More Tilling: Kimbal Musk Does His Farming in the Big City

Food entrepreneur and venture capitalist Kimbal Musk -- yes, Elon's brother -- seeks to seize control of the food supply from the industrial food complex. Through his venture, Square Roots, Musk and co-founder Tobias Peggs, are betting that the future of growing food lies in vertical urban gardens housed in shipping containers. Recently Peggs discussed their vision and plans for success.

So You Want to Write a Cookbook? 5 Tips for Sealing a Deal

Ronna Welsh is the owner of Purple Kale Kitchenworks, a Brooklyn culinary studio that teaches strategies for ingredient-driven, zero-waste improvisational cooking. Last year, Welsh stirred up a feeding frenzy among eight publishers, who bid on her cookbook proposal She signed with Rux Martin Press, an imprint of Harcourt Houghton Mifflin, and is now hard at work cooking up chapters of her still unnamed book, due out in spring 2018.