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No More Tilling: Kimbal Musk Does His Farming in the Big City

Food entrepreneur and venture capitalist Kimbal Musk -- yes, Elon's brother -- seeks to seize control of the food supply from the industrial food complex. Through his venture, Square Roots, Musk and co-founder Tobias Peggs, are betting that the future of growing food lies in vertical urban gardens housed in shipping containers. Recently Peggs discussed their vision and plans for success.

How to Win in the Food Industry

Start-ups in the food industry, and the food tech sector in particular, have seen quite a bit of turmoil in the past year. Prominent, well-funded companies like Good Eggs, Kitchensurfing, Dinner Lab, and most recently Farmigo have either shuttered altogether or significantly scaled back their operations. As a food tech entrepreneur and advisor to other growing food companies, I have been asked this question many times: Is the food sector unwinnable?