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Wild at Heart: Untamed Sandwiches Makes a Quick Lunch of Slow Food

When Andy Jacobi and Ricky King set out to open a restaurant they sought to solve a conundrum: Could they turn the taste for slow food into a quick lunch option? The answer now exists in the form of Untamed Sandwiches, which has branches in midtown and DUMBO and a third set to open this summer,. While King was busy braising, Jacoby sat down to tell Hungry how it all started and why location is everything.

No More Tilling: Kimbal Musk Does His Farming in the Big City

Food entrepreneur and venture capitalist Kimbal Musk -- yes, Elon's brother -- seeks to seize control of the food supply from the industrial food complex. Through his venture, Square Roots, Musk and co-founder Tobias Peggs, are betting that the future of growing food lies in vertical urban gardens housed in shipping containers. Recently Peggs discussed their vision and plans for success.

Sweet Treat: Brewla Bars Puts a Spin on the Ice Pop & Gets Acquired

Brother and sister duo Daniel and Rebecca Dengrove just scored a major victory. Their company, Brewla Bars, maker of ice pops from naturally brewed ingredients, was recently acquired by Ruby’s Naturals. Here Daniel Dengrove talks about how he and his sister found their niche in a saturated market and why they decided to sell.

Hooked on Success: Legally Addictive's Salty Sweet Treats Make It Big

Could there be a more seductive name for salty and sweet cookie concoctions than Legally Addictive? But as Laura Shafferman, founder of Legally Addictive Foods, knows, there’s more to business than a great moniker. We sat down with Shafferman to find out how she launched her business and why she decided to take on a big name partner.

The Mad Pickler: Shamus Jones Makes a Statement in Brine

Shamus Jones is a man of strong convictions. He believes in workers’ rights and artistry in everything he does. His ethos is on display in Brooklyn Brine, a six-year-old company that takes pickling and condiments to a new level. Through unique formulas like Whiskey Sour Pickles,  a $16-an-hour wage, and partnerships with Finger Lakes Distilling and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Shamus is building a just pickle kingdom that extends as far as Australia and Japan. Recently, Hungry Marketing had the pleasure of chatting with Jones about his vision and success.

On Tap: Wild East Saddles Up to Become the Next Hot Craft Beer Brewer

On Tap: Wild East Saddles Up to Become the Next Hot Craft Beer Brewer

The craft beer renaissance is fully underway, with upstart breweries in all five boroughs. Brett Taylor and Tyler March hope to get a piece of the action with their brew, Wild East, which uses a unique strain of yeast. Recently Taylor shared the duo's plans for entering the market.

Building a Better Jerky: SlantShack Seeks to Scale

It started with an obsession over beef jerky and a group of college buddies tinkering with recipes. Then came a write-up in New York Magazine and SlantShack Jerky went from a stand at Greenpoint Market to the grocery aisles at Whole Foods.  Hungry spoke with David Koretz, CEO, about organic growth, the importance of brand authenticity, and challenges with profitability.

One Smart Cookie: A Brooklyn Entrepreneur Turns a Favorite Snack into the Perfect Gift

Dawn Casale was working retail at Barney’s when she realized there was a hole in the market for gift-appropriate cookies.  Fast forward 16 years, three storefronts, and one pastry-chef husband/co-owner later, and One Girl Cookies is now a thriving business with many lessons learned along the way.  Recently, Casale sat down with Hungry to share her home-baked story.